Small package shipping auditing software

Ups contracts and fedex contracts include numerous variables that determine the final small parcel freight shipping costs of a package. Parcel invoice auditing software is paramount in logistics. In addition to support for ups small parcel shipments, clippership has the ability to support rating and bill of lading printing for ups freight shipments. When it comes to shipping for small business, packaging is essential. When asked why they arent auditing or changing their process or auditor, youll often get answers like these. Without some level of automation, personnel costs makes an audit costineffective. Varsitys parcel shipping suite, designed exclusively for the ibm power series i series and as400, is an integrated suite of advanced supply chain execution modules for the most complex small package shipping and auditing requirements. Globalship enables a higher level of efficiency, productivity, and profitability through intelligently automated small parcel and ltl shipping. Cerasis small package auditing service can check past packages for late delivery, incorrect manifests, verification of addresses, validation of addresses, weekend pickup and delivery, dimensional weight costs, duplicate billing, lost. With our shipping data intelligence, continuously monitor all shipping carrier errors and automatically recover refunds. Built to provide subone second processing speeds while supporting hundreds of concurrent users, infoship vx is enterprise level shipping software that out performs any other option.

What you need to remember if a company audits every invoice, it likely costs as much in personnel or added technology as is saved in finding any errors. Email the shipping label to yourself or to the recipient. Receive shipping refunds for more than 10 carrier errors that include late deliveries, billing errors, incorrect surcharges. Visit our help and support center to get answers to your questions and for tips on how to easily ship, track, and. Proactive global logistics offers a team that does the work for you. We make it easy to take control of your data, use it to answer complex business questions, and we even help you recover money owed to you from the carriers. The reseller shipment auditing platform is the most powerful, bestinclass small parcel auditing and communication platform available on the market.

Parcel shipping varsity logistics software for ibm i. Small package service auditing small business community. The process of manually auditing software takes up a significant amount of man hours and leaves too much room for errors. Shipping management integrations ups united states. Each shipment tendered to a major parcel carrier like ups and fedex come with service guarantees outlined within each carriers tariff or service guide. Line item invoice auditing and carrier contract optimization is specialized work that requires expertise and persistence. Use clickn ship to pay for postage and print a shipping label from your printer. If youd like to create a prepaid label, you can do so by opening fedex ship manager at fedex. Get the cheapest usps shipping rates possible with no fees.

As worldwide shipping volume increases and ecommerce drives small parcel delivery growth, companies must recognize the need for innovative software and technology to optimize their operations and maximize profit while reducing costs. Fast and reliable shipping software built for modern small businesses. Parcel audit software and business intelligence idrive. This excellent service has allowed our company to negotiate better rates for our shipping needs. Auditing activities for each shipment are available within the share a refund. If you sell smaller heavy items, flatrate boxes are a great option as long as your items fit in the box. On average lamprey systems small package audit clients save 35% on their small package shipping spend through the ongoing audit process and an additional 510% savings through shipment optimization.

But deciding which one is best for each package can be tough. Analyze package level detail and make better decisions. Instead, take advantage of first flight solutions free 30day trial audit and see how much your carriers owe you. Dont play into the game that small parcel carriers dont make mistakes. Ship watchers guarantees to reduce your small parcel shipping costs with our auditing solution by at least 2% 9% percent and up to 20% during peak season october january due to carrier seasonal staff, demand on carrier systems, and overworked drivers. Since 2015, veriship has been auditing our fedex shipments and finding savings for us. Small businesses shipping a few packages can print and pay for postage online. Our shipping software is designed to save you time and money on ecommerce order fulfillment. Small parcel auditing reseller program share a refund. Parcel recoverys audit software and experienced auditors find and submit all rate, adjustment and surcharge errors. Find stamps by theme, color, season, mail service, and more. These smaller packages can be shipped using less than truckload freight or by a local courier, such as ups or fedex. We have heavily discounted rates for our ground and express shipping rates and offer a wide range of transit times and other small package shipping services. Automatically detect billing errors and secure refunds youre owed.

The following is a list of companies that provide internal auditing software packages and the products that they currently offer. Search for post offices and other locations to buy stamps, ship packages, apply for passports, and more. Parcel is the only multichannel media resource for shipping, warehouse, transportation and logistics professionals seeking information and advice to help them run more efficient parcel shipping operations. Lower your shipping costs with free small parcel audit and optimization from transportation impact. Ups audit, fedex audit, andor dhl audit should go hand in hand with your shipping logistics. Late packages, carrier mistakes, and unused shipping labels all add up to create unfair fees for businesses around the world. Access key shipping data, manage your kpis, and run advanced reports to gain enhanced insight and drive improved decisionmaking. Package express centers is the only company approved by ups to set up ups commercial counters inside retail outlets in small town america. Our company has received great service and support with the parcel audit services, as well as an indepth understanding of our shipping metrics via the veriship intelligence platform. Import, manage and ship your orders with shipstation. By combining the shipping volume of the thousands of small businesses that use pirate ship, were able to get the best discounts usps offers, which can save you up to 90%.

Parcel shipping consultant united states parcel recovery. So if youre starting a new business, or if youre currently overspending by shipping your packages with another carrier, pirate ship makes it simple to access the deepest. Shipping summary each dot represents a day you shipped in the last 90 days. Cls customers range from small, privately held businesses, to global fortune 500 companies and have integrated into a wide range of industries, including. When a package meets the criteria for a refund credit being secured, share a refund updates information related to that package, so that other services within share a refund can perform actions on the shipment to reclaim a refund credit back to the shipping account. Lampreytms is not a standalone software solution but rather a completely managed tms with dedicated shipping, claims, audit, and contract support teams. This is where parcel shipping auditing software from an accredited vendor, like cerasis, comes into play.

Shippers should not audit small packages shipments inhouse an inhouse transportation team simply does not have the time and bandwidth to perform a comprehensive, package level audit. It is a straightforward, intuitive and powerful accounting solution that should handle any numbers you throw at itand at a compelling price that works with your small business setup. A small change in an accessorial charge, carrier tariff schedule, service incentive, deferred incentive, minimum net charge, or carrier surcharge can substantially reduce shipping costs associated with freight. Plus, you can schedule a usps pickup from your home or office.

Once you pass those files to audisee, the software instantly starts the fedex or ups auditing process of looking for refund opportunities. Supply chain cloud ship directly integrates dynamics 365 with the major parcel carriers in north america including ups, fedex and usps features. On average cerasis small package audit clients save 35% on their small package shipping spend through the ongoing audit process and an additional 510% savings through shipment optimization. With shipstation, ecommerce shipping is easy, youll be up and running in minutes. Integration with parcel carriers tracking numbers label generation multi parcel shipment accessorial support. Exclusively designed for the ibm power, iseries and as400 systems, varsity offers a.

If you are paying more than this for an saas solution locallyinstalled software and finsync excluded, you would probably be better off going with another. Small package parcel auditing security auditing security advanced technology and dynamic reporting has separated rcs audit from other auditors in this industry because of our ability to delivery best in class service to any sized shipper regardless of traffic or diversity of facilities. Nobodys perfect not even amazon and fba errors add up. Pay the right shipping price with our automated shipping invoice audit engine. Its guaranteed there are billing mistakes on your small parcel invoices.

Small package shipping, also known as parcel shipping, is the shipping of goods or packages under the weight of 150lbs. Shipware provides expertise and technology to help businesses reduce shipping costs 1030% with no disruption to current operations and no required change in carriers. Accounting and auditing software and guidance from thomson. Parcel industry parcel magazineparcel industry parcel. Standard version this module is designed for multicompany, multigroup, multicurrency accounting support. Veriship has the market intel and tools to make sure you receive competitive rates.

Search a portfolio of small business audit software, saas and cloud applications. If youre not auditing your shipping invoices on a weekly basis, theres a good chance your company is throwing money away. Usps has a lot of great ways to ship stuffwe support them all. Audisees free parcel audit process begins quite simply with you locating the fedex or ups invoices that you want to audit. Cloudbased small parcel management software that audits small parcel and freight for fedex, ups, and dhl invoices for refunds owed while providing total visibility and transparency into small parcel spend. Get a free package pickup during your regular mail delivery or pay a fee for a pickup at a time that works. Screenshot verification of refunds are provided along with a userfriendly interface. If the shipper is looking to optimize the supply chain and reduce shipping expenses, every shipment or transaction must be audited. Software directory teammate, satori, thompson reuters.

Sai global helps risk and compliance professionals proactively manage risk to create trust and achieve business excellence, growth and sustainability for their organisations. Varsity logistics tms parcel and freight ltl shipping software for ibm power, iseries and as400 systems will save you time, money and frustration. Some packages assist in gathering evidence, conducting analytical tests, sampling data, evaluating internal control, documenting the audit, scheduling the audit, printing exception reports e. Parcel auditing addon for software companies share a refund. Radar is a leading edge shipping technology developed by afms to assess and elevate the health of your supply chain. It promotes supply chain wellness where companies need it most. But the carriers make it difficult to identify them, and even more difficult to recover the money youve been overcharged. Feb 09, 2009 small parcel auditing, im always surprised when i speak to a small parcel shipper of any size and am told that they either arent satisfied with the results of their current auditing process or, worse yet, arent auditing at all. Accounting and auditing software and guidance for accountants and cpa firms accounting and auditing software for accountants to help you serve all your clients accounting, bookkeeping, and financial needs with maximum efficiency from financial statement compilation and reports, to financial audit management, valueadded analysis, and more. Freshbooks sports a more modern, cleaner and userfriendly interface.

Other convenient postage options are postage meters, precanceled stamps, and custom stamps. Marine accounting software systems, shipping accounting. Apr 15, 2020 freight auditing will conduct a thorough shipping audit on each and every one of your parcel shipments, apply for shipping refunds, and confirm that you get the maximum fedex refunds and ups refunds you deserve for your parcel shipments. Cerasis software analyzes every package and all associated charges within 24 hours of downloading the client fedex or ups invoice. One user interface, integration to popular erpwmsecommerce applications, freight quotes, rate shopping, packing, paperworklabels, and more without multiple applications or websites. Fedex and ups auditing lamprey systems pioneered the data driven fedex and ups auditing approach and continues to lead the industry in small parcel recovery.

Refund retriever is parcel audit software, and includes features such as automated claim filing, carrier invoice auditing, cost recovery reporting, exceptions management, package analytics, shipping monitoring, and shipping optimization. The most effective way to reduce freight shipping costs is to negotiate your current small parcel and freight contracts in an effort to achieve lower rates from fedex, ups, and other carriers. Varsity logistics tms shipping software ibm power, i. In 2002 lamprey systems was the first company to offer small and enterprise businesses alike a unique package audit solution using efficient data driven technology that monitors all weekly shipment activity and enables its clients to electronically submit direct claims to fedex and ups. Reporting is available to perform all levels of consolidation. Getapp is your free directory to compare, shortlist and evaluate business solutions. Ups has small business solutions and experts to help your business reach new heights. Small parcel negotiation and audit consultants understanding the basics you need to know in order to converse in the world of small package and freight shipping will provide key intelligence needed to efficiently ship your product. These local couriers typically have arranged, daily pickups that have length, girth, and weight limits.

The best accounting software for small businesses is freshbooks. Larger shippers can apply for a permit imprint and save money with commercial rates. Ups and fedex both raise their base rates an average of 46% each year plus they add multiple surcharges to your shipments. Save time, reduce errors, cut shipping costs by managing parcel, freight, and 3pl shipping services in one multicarrier software asaservice saas solution. Regardless of the three ws what, weight, or where your package is shipping to, you pay the predetermined rate listed. Competitive rates on small package shipping shipping made easy. Software companies can no longer spotcheck their invoices for inaccuracies. Claim and receive shipping refunds for shipping carrier errors that include late deliveries, billing errors, incorrect surcharges. What you need to know about shipping for small business. Automated invoice audit that effortlessly reduces your shipping cost. Audit software helps organizations plan for, address and mitigate risks that could compromise the safety andor quality of the goods or services they provide. Small parcel shipments are under 70 lbs per and shipped in your own packaging or carrier supplied boxes. Pirate ship is the only free webbased shipping software that gives you the cheapest rates for uspsapproved postage with absolutely no markup, fees or monthly commitments.

Our proven methodolgy has helped companies of all sizes and industries reduce their parcel costs by an average of 20%. Our software audits up to 184 data points each week, automatically filing for credits from the carrier on all identifiable errors. Small package freight shipping overnight express, ground, 2nd. Whether you are shipping locally or out of the country, we have options to save you time and money. Domestic shipping labels require the senders and recipients names, addresses and phone numbers, along with the weight and type of package. Shipping software for the as400 system includes freight software, parcel shipping software, shipping analytics and parcel auditing. At auditshipment, we have an inbuilt homegrown tech automation process. Franklin parcel is the worlds most advanced shipping analytics, optimization, and claim identification platform.

Shipping software for ecommerce fulfillment shipstation. Globalship is an enterpriseclass, multicarrier shipping software that delivers significant cost benefits for small businesses and large corporations alike. It is an attended shipping solution for organizations managing a small to medium volume of small parcel shipments using one or more shipping stations in a single location. Our experience negotiating carrier agreements from both sides of the table result in bestinmarket rates.

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